Your new fake friends on Facebook


In the last six months or so, I got no less than twenty friendship requests from a peculiar kind of users. According to their profiles, they were all young women with big smiles and a taste for very small clothes.  All of them had very few friends, usually less than five, and a handful of public pictures – straight out from some model set.

Being a male, I was supposed to rush to such opportunities. Being a male between 40 and 50 years old, maybe I was expected to help them in any way available. I just laughed at first, then I noticed that a few of my connections posted about that. A little round of questions gave me a more complex picture. You see, I’m not famous nor I’m under the spotlight for any reason. So, if this curious phenomenon is happening to me, it has to be widespread.

The next question is an all time classic – cui prodest? (latin, it means who benefits?)
Connecting to somebody else on Facebook is not a big deal, no money in it. The creators of those fake profiles should have some
reason to do it. So I held another fast round of questions, this time only with the friends who opened the door for one or more of those new “friends”. It looks like that nothing happened. No messages, no requests, no comments or “like”. Then another connection showed up: new Skype requests.

Every now and then I got some contact request from unknown Skype users, usually with explicit images of half-naked women as avatar.
There was a documented scam about those users, who tried to blackmail somebody after recording some hot video of “conversations”.
Well, my aforementioned friends got a spike in such requests, about five every day, for a couple of weeks. Maybe it’s a coincidence,
maybe not. My friends use their real names on Facebook and fantasy usernames on Skype, so the connection between the two media are not so linear to get.

So far, I haven’t an answer. And the young women still come up smiling.


4 thoughts on “Your new fake friends on Facebook

  1. “So far, I haven’t an answer. And the young women still come up smiling.”

    It is creepy but also funny, it seems the beginning of an mistery story like Mimic.
    The baits, young women with small clothes, the targets mature males, the reason… do we want horror scifi or commedy?
    In sad real world an explaination could be… wait, honestly i do not have an answer, it is really strange also in real world.

    • Welcome back! Always glad to have you aboard.
      I don’t know if it’s about a comedy or horror, nor I know if it’s about a scam. But it happens and it goes on. To what extent, I don’t know either. It looks like that all my connections on Facebook got similar data so far.

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