Brexit – what will change?


The forthcoming UK’s referendum about the future of the permanence inside the EU of the United Kingdom is important for all the other countries inside such union and for the perspective of the nations that are considering to enter the EU.
No country opted out before and the future choice of the UK citizens will open a door to unknown lands. There’s no procedure to follow, no legal precedents and no historic references to use. EU is not an alliance based on strategical/military agreements like NATO, nor it’s a short list of economic matters.

The number of treaties and laws involved in the connection between UK and EU is huge and every matter should be carefully examined in order to reach an agreement (I can easily foresee decades of work for a generation of lawyers).
Aside from the future of the UK, what about the other countries?
For instance, what about Greece? Or what about Cyprus? Both countries have been (and still are) under considerable strain for economic reasons and both have pledged hard measures with EU, ECB and IMF. So, what if one or both opt out from EU? They could pull a stance like Argentina or Iceland, opening a financial crisis very dangerous for the whole Eurozone.
What about Austria or Hungary? Under the pressure of the waves of refugees they have already shifted their politics to the hard right, contesting keystone like the Dublin treaties. Can any of them opt out too?
My opinion is that EU has been the greatest political conquest ever in Europe. I also think that without a deep rethinking of what means being inside the EU, there will be no real future for the countries involved. By now, most of the European citizens see the EU authority
as an enemy, as something far distant and involved only in hardline economic policies. The vision of the European pioneers, like Altiero Spinelli, has been deformed in a multi-level bureaucracy – useful only for add layers upon layers of legalese on our collective backs. There’s no vision, no drive for a foreseeable future.
Well, I need to learn more about this matter. I’ve found a MOOC about it, HERE. As a European citizen, I know for sure that the UK’s referendum it’s about my future too. The course will start in a few days (June, 13th).


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