The new Captain America – Hail what?


I have to say that I was amazed by the last marketing move from Marvel. With a single comic, the new “Steve Rogers Captain America” by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, they got the attention of the whole internet. Try to imagine this. One story, a “new” idea, the equivalent of a multi-million dollar campaign in a matter of a few days. Wow.

I write “new” because it’s not the first time that Captain America gets on the wrong side of the fence. He’s been brainwashed or mind-controlled more than a few times, sometimes with dire results. So why all the rage right now? Could he really be bad to the bone? I mean, we’re talking about an iconic character, that’s right, but it’s the same character that has been killed at least twice.

Steve Rogers has also left costume and shield more than once, starting new identities (i.e. Nomad) or working against the establishment. In time, Marvel did almost everything they could imagine to this poor fighter, transforming him into a werewolf or even in a zombie.

Remember this???

Remember this???

Now it looks like there’s an angry mob at the door of Nick Spencer, asking for an immediate return of the icon to the temple of justice and/or for public apologies from the whole Marvel management for daring such a twist in the Captain America’s history. People, what’s going on? Are we losing the last of our minds?

We all know for sure what’s the ultimate rule in the comic business. If a series sell, the series goes on. No more and no less, it’s that simple. This “new” idea will go on as far as it works. Or until a new editor takes charge of the character. Don’t you like it? It’s okay, just do not buy it. Anger and death threats to an author will not help.

I understand the idea of having a character that represents the best values of the American Dream. I love that Cap too.  But what happened to the First Amendment? Freedom of speech, freedom of the press. The version of Steve rogers that became iconic will give all for that freedom. Now, it’s time to cool down and let this comic do its work. A new version of Cap will come, sooner or later.


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