Brexit – the day after


All right, here we are. The UK held the exit-or-leave referendum and democracy worked again. Like it or not, UK leaves the EU and we’re in a new day, waiting for the future to happen.

What will happen now? Prime Minister David Cameron will accomplish to the article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (see HERE) giving communication of the results of the referendum to the European Council. From that day, a two-year term starts and at the end of that term, if nothing else happens, every EU treaty subscription from the UK will be declared void. If the UK government starts to negotiate with the EU Commission about the said treaties, this period will be extended for the time needed. Cameron could ask to differ the start of said two-years period to October 2016 – in order to hand over the PM duties to a new leader.

Nowadays we’re in the reign of confusion and strange hypothesis. A petition for a new referendum is up, another for the separation of London from the country, a renewed push for independence of Scotland and for a reunion of North Ireland with Ireland and lots of other stuff is all over the place.  This is a very sad moment for many UK citizens and it’s also time for a deep breath before speaking. Don’t look at the markets for a few days and do the same about the value of the British Pound. Speculations are running wild from weeks about this theme and will settle in a matter of two weeks. Please remember, the fundamentals of the UK economy are still the same of a month ago.

There are a number of very important things to be considered if you look at the final results of the referendum. This is the first:

leave_remain_by_ageThis chart shows a trend in the vote that could be read in two ways. In the first, the older population overrule the younger generations who want to be European. In the second,  the more experienced people understand what 30+ more years in the EU have done to the UK.


The results in Scotland and in the North Ireland are quite different from the results in Wales and England. As written before, this could be the fuel needed for initiatives of breaking up the United Kingdom. The whole future of the country is at stake and it will take a far better leader than David Cameron to keep the union together.

Then we have to consider the reaction of the public opinion to this kind of stuff:

campaign bus

Nigel Farage already declared, after the vote of course, that there will be no such funding of the NHS. Boris Johnson (pictured above) confirmed. Have I to add more on the subject?

Dear friends from the UK, let’s keep it cool and be patient. All Europe will understand better what will be going on for the future in a matter of a few weeks. Be strong.


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