Maurice Dantec – farewell to a visionary

maurice dantec

This year is a bloody mess, with so many artists and performers taken away in a few months. This post is to salute and to remember a peculiar author, Maurice Georges Dantec.

Maybe his name is not so famous, his picture shown above unfamiliar to many. In the ’90s this author hit hard the collective imaginary of science fiction with three novels, The Red Siren – The Roots of Evil and Babylon Babies. Books full of force, of desperation, where every page vibrates of darkness. Suspended between many literary genres and happily ignoring their boundaries, his works were always thoughtful and worth of more than a reading.

He also was a tormented man, haunted by the memories of unmentioned childhood trauma. No surprise that he was into drugs, or that he was under psychologic therapy for years. Dantec was searching for something meaningful, for a justification for all the pain that he could see in our world. Politics and philosophy, both declined to the extremes of confrontation, were ways to explore himself and the western civilization.

No surprise then that his essays were so controversial or that he was able to mix very different themes and influences in his writings. Even in the darkest recesses of his mind, he was driven to analyze, to find a way to understand. In the end he was almost a recluse, victim of his condition and probably depressed by his physical poor state of health.

His death put an end to his career, but not to the appreciation of many fans, including myself. There are not so many books that I would like to reread, I think I will dedicate some more hours to his best. Once again, thank you Maurice.



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