Golpe failure – why Erdogan is still in charge


Just a fast one, a thought about the failure of last night’s golpe in Turkey; you already know the story, don’t you? A number of mid-ranking officers of the Turkish Army tried to seize power in the country, with all the classic cliches well displayed.

Road blocks, tanks roaming the streets, parliament house and national television put under control and the old message “we are saving the country from a certain doom, democracy will be repristinated ASAP“. In the shadows, looking around to understand the direction of the political wind, all the big players of the country – waiting for the better time to show up.

The golpe fired back. Erdogan will destroy his enemies once again and recover full control of the country in a matter of a few days. Yes, Erdogan. The wannabe rulers of Turkey did the worst mistake possible for somebody who want to conquer power: they do not annihilate the enemy leader. In a country where leadership has been always something very personal, where history has been forged by the actions of a few men, you have to stop the enemy leader before even trying to do anything else.

The officers in charge for this golpe failed to kill Erdogan (or to put him under their control). The voice of the leader, vehiculated by CNN Turk, was enough to rally his faithful supporters and to destroy the golpe. There’s a lesson here, let’s call it Golpe Fundamentals 101. If you want to succeed in a golpe, kill the leader.

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