A new saint could not be good news

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.1997)...

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.1997); at a pro-life meeting in 1986 in Bonn, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All right, today is the day. Pope Francis I° will proclaim Mother Theresa as a new saint in Rome, with all the media uproar about this kind of stuff. Of course, the Roman Catholic Apostolic church is operating in its own right and if you’re a believer, then this kind of decision is uncontestable. Well, I’m not a believer. And I’m asking questions about it.

There’s an interesting book, written by Christopher Hitchens, that may give you a lot of insight about the life and the choices of Mother Theresa. (link HERE). There’s a basic point to be considered here: a saint should be somebody whose life was a living embodiment of the catholic faith and virtues.  According to what Hitchens discovered and documented this is not the case.

This is quite difficult to grasp for many. All the decades-long narration about this little lady and her action in India created a strong sentiment toward this woman. A narration so well played to create the pressure needed for a Nobel Prize for Peace. A number of popes approved her actions, not to mention the other levels of Vatican hierarchy. Telling the truth will be a public confession of errors, many of them given by popes. In the catholic faith, the pope is infallible and that’s quite a short circuit in this event.

The decision has been announced and a new saint will be christened today. But there’s no halo that shines enough to hide this kind of mistake.


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