The limits in the cover-up theory


Raise your hand if you haven’t already heard this story: the government is covering up [insert theme] for years, they’re using technology derived from [insert theme] and only a few people is getting the benefits.

Known variant: the [national leader] is one of them, you know (wink, wink). They are here since [insert year] and they’re manipulating everything in the world via their advanced technology. Well, welcome to the cover-up world, where anything could be explained with a wacky theory and a “you know” whispered in the darkness.

A pity that’s a world of fiction. On the other side, we could be happy that’s an unreal world. Make your choice freely, semantics matter. You see, there two main limits in the cover-up theory and such limits are enough to stop dead almost anything about this stuff.

First, it makes just sense that an important matter (i.e. the arrival of an alien ship on Earth) will become known to more and more people year after year. A secret is unlikely to last, more and more when new people is involved.

Second, huge and goofy organizations like national governments are not exactly well-known for the quality of their work, aren’t they?  So, how could it be possible for such organization to do such a good work for years. They will be the same people who can’t cover-up menial things like money-laundering scandals and such.


Need more? All right, now think about this one. Any new technology will need some kind of industry to be developed. If said technology is so different from we already got, then a whole new industry has to be created in order to set up the new devices. This kind of things got huge dimensions in a matter of weeks. How do you hide an industrial plant?

All right, I know about the “secret” argument. Our history, event in the last few years, shows clearly how we can manage to keep the lid down on very important matters, such as the Manhattan Project. It’s also true that even as a scandal is revealed to the public eye, a lot of details and names stay in the background so it’s correct to say that we will not know everything about that argument.

That said, what is important is to know about the secret. If the Roswell landings of 1947 were true, my interest will be about the aliens and not about name and paygrade of every soldier involved. Got me? So, please stop ranting about big stuff cover-ups. It’s good material for building up a novel or a movie, nothing else.


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