Cyber security – the need to know more (and more)


Ops, I did it again. I’ve just completed a fairly good MOOC from the FutureLearn platform about Cyber Security, following the golden rule “you don’t know enough”.

It may sound curious, I’m in the IT field since 1988 so I should be already more than informed on the subject, shouldn’t I? The answer is no. This kind of stuff is evolving on a day-by-day basis and the next generation of devices will open new frontiers of crime and defenses.

The person in charge for this MOOC is Dr. Steve Riddle, from the Newcastle University; the whole approach of the course is very user-friendly and I think it’s an adequate entry point for newbies. The cyber security matters for everybody, that calls for getting more and more knowledge on the subject in order to avoid the greater part of the risks involved in using modern technologies.

You will not walk out of this MOOC ready to work in the field, but if you learn how to consider properly all the security-related matters it’s a given that you will also understand more about how services and devices had been developed (and how they will be developed in the future!). An informed user is a better user and your personal safety is obviously important.

This MOOC is free, I strongly recommend it for a good start on this matter. Just follow this link. #FLcybersafe

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