Photo by Anthony Quintano

Photo by Anthony Quintano

So be it, we have a final result. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America and the GOP get a solid majority in Senate and in the House of Representatives. America turned “red” big time, we can say that next year will start a new era for the American politics.

You see, I’m more than a bit annoyed by the “maverick” rhetoric about Trump. It’s true that he’s an outsider for the establishment, it’s also true that he just performed a hostile acquisition of a political party, finalized to become the leader of his nation. A pity that a president is not the owner of said nation. What about the new cabinet? The list of the new secretaries will say a lot about the next four years.

A lot of people is having a ball in Washington D.C.; starting with the lobbyist groups, who are already pressing the new senators and representatives. My bet is that the majority leaders, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, are also waiting for the moment when they will explain to the new president how things really work in the federal government. The party controls the activity in the Congress, so it will be interesting to see how Trump will manage his confrontations with the fat cats.


Today is the start of the aftermath phase for both parties.

Democrats have to think hard about the next two years, in order to get the best from the midterm elections. The first phase will be about burying the political career of Hillary Clinton for good (including the ghost of Bill Clinton). The internal structure of the party has to be changed too, what happened to Bernie Sanders is the best possible example of the negative consequences of manipulation in the nomination process. The second phase will have the target of finding a new leader. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are part of the past, they have to find new blood. Sooner or later, somebody will start to think about Michelle Obama

Republicans have to think hard too. In the last ten years, they got the rise of the Tea Party and now the establishment has been baffled by an external candidate. Prominent members like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz failed big time to gain support from the common people and the old warhorse like John McCain are out of the game. Winning this presidential race could be the start of a two-year phase of rebuilding for this party from a vantage position. The real question here is about who will be in control of the party. I don’t see new names around ready to pick up the flag. Without a proper leadership, we will see the same situation of family feuds and backstabbing.

Addendum #1: my guess is that Barack Obama will become the odd player in the Democrats.

Addendum #2: Last time GOP had White House, Senate & House of Representatives was 1928. Wall Street crash was in 1929.


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