Numbers don’t lie – the basics in the Clinton defeat

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of reasons for losing a political campaign even if every effort has been done and huge sums of money have been invested to achieve the result.

Look at this infographic, it’s quite simple to understand.


The comparison of the last three rounds of presidential elections is crystal clear. The Democrat’s number of voters is falling down like a brick. The enthusiasm of 2008, with the victory of Barack Obama, has been widely lost in 2012 and it’s gone with the wind this year.

The GOP also lose a lot of votes from 2012, but their losses are by far less problematic. Hillary Clinton still won the majority of the all-around votes in the country, but the difference between blue and red has been reduced to the minimum.

Now, please consider this numbers:


The defeat of Ms. Clinton cannot be attributed to the votes oriented to Gary Johnson (or to Jill Stein), nor it can be related only to the recent implementation of the voting polls organization. In a country where a citizen must register every time when it’s election time, it’s quite clear that the first effort should be about getting people to vote.

Having a 46.9% of non-voting people is a major defeat for the whole country. Democrats and Republicans should be really concerned, not matter who will win the next elections. Those who refuse to vote, likely do the same for local elections too. Democracy is a stake when citizens aren’t involved in the process of choosing their leaders.

If America still wants to be the leader of the free world, then the number of the voters have to grow again. Political parties should dedicate most of their time and resources to close the gap between the average citizen and their own ranks. They have to listen, and listen hard, to what comes from Main Street and care less of what comes from Wall Street.Salva


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