Ghost in the Shell, the return of cyberpunk


Back in the ’90s, the Cyberpunk genre was the place to be for sci-fi lovers like me. Every fan got his/her own favorites and there was a lot of debate about the works of writers like Bruce Gibson and Pat Cadigan (not to mention a thousand others!). Dystopia was the name of the game and some sort of post-apocalyptic world was accepted as the most likely perspective of our near future.

Manga and comics were on the same frequency, with a number of very talented authors in the market and great stories published and animated year after year. But when it comes to manga and anime, for me there’s just one, great, creator: Masamune Shirow.

If I close my eyes, even after 20 and more years, I can still see some of the panels of his opus magnum, Ghost in the Shell. Usually, I’m not a manga fan. I dislike how human characters are portrayed and, most of the time developed into a small number of profiles. Ghost in the Shell, from now on GitS for short, was different. The story was developed layer upon layer, the same for character’s history and motivation. As a fan, I’ve always wanted to see a live-action GitS movie.

You can imagine my frustration for all the false starts and failure thru the years and my cautious enthusiasm when the latest project was started. A year after, we get this:


A major-produced motion picture, with a first-class cast, and enough money invested in post-production to shake any viewer mind for good. Next year we will finally see how good it will be, how close to the original and, of course, how much money will it gets from the market. The trailer is quite promising, let’s say I’m crossing fingers this time.

The first trailer



2 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell, the return of cyberpunk

  1. Have you ever seen Masamune Shirow’s “Appleseed”?
    It’s basicaly GitS’ “older brother”: the comic book is absolutely fabolous, and they made two CGI animations that I think you’d appreciate 😉
    Less cyberpunk, more military SF.
    Check it out, if you missed it.

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