2016 – Running high and low


All right, here we go again. It looks like that every blogger in the world should perform his/hers year summary to be compliant with some mysterious directive (the secret blogger code?).

What about 2016? I’ve set up no task for myself this time. 2015 was a heavy year in many (too many!) fronts and the basic idea was to let things happen for a while. Did it work? Nope. Reality usually doesn’t cope with this kind of attitude.

In the previous post (here) I’ve spoken at length about writing and markets, so be it for this matter. I’ve learned a lot in other directions, both using MOOCs (see this page for the list, here) and trading useful knowledge with my acquittances. So far, I can foresee a not-so-distant moment when I will have to set up some hard business-oriented study course.

Personal life

I’ve managed to survive to a shitload of work that would have broken my back without the help of my family (again! I’ve cut-and-paste from last year). Recession or not, I can guarantee that 2016 was one of my busiest years ever (again!!) – and I’m comparing this year against more than 25 years of IT madness.

My family was good as gold. I can’t be luckier than that. My wife is an amazing woman and our son is getting smarter and bigger. Love is the keyword here and hopefully it will be in the future.

Uhm, now it’s about what I will do next year, isn’t it?


Well, I already know something about 2017. For the third time in my career, I will start the year working and I will get my first business trip of the year the day after. It will be a firework show all the way to July, then we will see who will pick up the pieces. Do you best buddies, and take care!


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