Living out the comfort zone – a mission for 2017


It’s being a while from my last post, that because “life happens” and even the better plan is still an abstraction from reality. This will be a year of changes, once again. Changes could be really positive, the best are situated in a well-defined area, labeled “out of your comfort zone“.

We’re all good at doing something, aren’t we? There are places where we’re happy or somewhat dominant, people who know us enough to let us be “our way” without questions or interferences. It’s good to be there. It’s safe, warm and comfy. It’s also useless for our personal growth and negative for our foreseeable future.

I have to keep up the ante and try to figure new ways to face challenges, to learn and grow out of my self-imposed boundaries. Take this blog as a little sample; I started writing in my native language, Italian, and I still get a lot of people coming here for the older posts – looking for stuff I wrote four or five years ago about the Middle East or about our armed forces. I was good at that. I still am. But there was no more space to grow up, so I quit.


It’s the same about writing fiction or about reading the same books over and over. I tried new stuff and read new books, always looking for something good enough to knock me down. Our world is getting darker and scarier, I have to find more light sources to stay on my path. At the same time, with everything else up-and-running around me, I need to rediscover my ability of stay silent and neutral, able to let go away the rage and the despair.

It’s life, of course. The same process that anybody knows. I will try my hand at Norwegian in a new MOOC next week, I’m trying to grasp something more about SEM and I will try harder to organize my spare time to improve my business skills. My comfort zone is still here and it will be available for the darkest days, the trick is to stay away as long as you can.


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