Writing science fiction – more free tools for the trade


In my latest post (here) I’ve suggested a couple free MOOC in order to acquire more knowledge about selected matters, the idea is to keep myself in touch with the latest development of science and to suggest the same to my fellow writers.

This concept may apply in many different fields of writing, like thriller or mystery, and it’s not only about what will happen tomorrow but it’s also about what is going on today – in order to get the feeling of what will happen tomorrow.

For instance, climate change is a major factor in the present and it will be dramatically important in the future, as many movies and novels already show us. for those of you who are unfamiliar with the perspectives and possible developments of this matter, try this course from the University of Exeter: Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions.

The title itself is promising, isn’t it? Solutions. And Challenges. Maybe your next story will be a bit more optimistic?

Another big thing in the makings is about Smart Cities. Smart devices everywhere, sensors, the giant version of the Big Brother sitting right next worst nightmares of Philip K. Dick and more grim scenarios. This course by The Open University is based on the idea of collaborating in creating a Smart City, starting with understanding what will happen when the interconnection between more and more devices will progress. Here’s the link: Smart Cities.


Would you like to be more personal in your fiction? What about body parts? Even better, what about biomaterial, 3D-printing and body parts? It’s already happening and the evolution of this technology will change a lot in the next few years? From the University of Wollongong (AUS), this course will be an easy and valuable approach to a very complex field of research. Try this, it’s worth your time: Bioprinting: 3D Printing Body Parts.

Once again, go back to your desk and write!


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