The Czar, the Sultan and the Uncle Sam

As predicted, things are getting hairy all over again in Syria, a place where too many conflicts are going on. The casus belli this time is the little town of Manbij, in the northern part of the country. Actually is controlled by Kurds, with logistic support from the US. Russians and Americans found themselves together against the will of the Turkish government to seize the town, a move that greatly enraged the leadership of this regional power. Check here the story, from Stars and Stripes.

There are many things at stake here. The will of Erdogan to create a buffer zone inside Syrian territory, erasing every militia in the area, no matter if they are with ISIS or they are Kurds or whatever else. The will of Putin to orchestrate his support to Bashar Al-Assad in order to pacify what’s left of the country, tiptoeing between Iran’s agenda and the newfound alliance with Turkey. The confused strategy in the area carried on by the USA, who cared nothing about Syria and greatly about Iraq. The will to survive of many rebel factions and criminal groups who don’t want to lose their little feuds.

And again, it’s at stake what’s going on outside Syria. Russians have finally found in Erdogan the ideal partner to pry open the south side of NATO, Turks want to demonstrate once for all to be a real regional power with a sphere of influence that spreads over Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan. Kurds are fighting for the chance to claim part of the northern Iraq and a small part of Syria as an independent nation. The USA are doing what they can to limit the presence of field troops in the hope of keeping together Iraq and get a victory over ISIS. Iran is doing whatever it can to undermine the Turkish agenda and gain more influence in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the EU is busy in contemplation of its belly. No, wait a moment. We did something. We grant billions to Turkey to keep as many refugees it can out of our borders. By the way, it’s not working and we will not get our money back.

It looks like the good old days, back to the end of the 19th century. We have a Czar, a Sultan and the Uncle Sam is looking for a way to get away from the whole area. Let’s hope that this time we will not get another World War.

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