Six years after

WordPress just reminded me that today this blog gets its anniversary. I came aboard six years ago, after other experiences on LiveJournal and on Virgilio (an Italian blog platform), looking for a better service and a way to go on with blogging. Well, this happened. WordPress is still going strong and even a small-time blog like mine is working like a charm, without any problem at all.

It’s a good time to say a loud “thank you!” to my followers, to the fellows who commented here and to all the people who shared my post in the social media, not to mention those who shared my stuff on their blogs. People, you rock!

I’m not a “good blogger“, you know. My writing is sparse, I’m miles away from most of the common trends and I’m not the most friendly user on the whole platform. I’m still here, sometimes asking myself why I still bother about it, while a number of shiny blogs faded away and a not-so-small number of big timers uber-bloggers froze in time, leaving digital tombstones to their online identity.

In a way, whoever stands in line after a few years is a survivor. Maybe it’s about stubbornness. Or it’s about doing something out of habit. I don’t know what is the right answer for me and I can’t really guess what could be yours. Stay strong, if you can. And if you cannot, go out in style.

2 thoughts on “Six years after

  1. Happy anniversary! I was on livejournal too, and was sad when it stopped being viable. WordPress isn’t a community, but I love it.

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