Is your safe space an echo chamber?

You know, I think that we have missed another opportunity. This is about social media, the people who used them and some big misconception about what a “safe space” really is. Yes, it will be one of those post that you don’t really have to read. Except if you’re in the same internet bubble where I am.

First thing first, we need to lay out some definition. What is a safe space? In real life, it’s a place where somebody could find protection from any kind of threats. in the social media scene, it looks like that such a place could be obtained blocking or removing anybody who express anything that you don’t like. So much for the “social” part, uh?

The consequence of creating such a safe space is that all your contacts are, more or less, aligned with your personal opinions, your way to look at the world, share your peculiar political ideas and so on. Sounds like an echo chamber to me (pun intended).

I know that there are a lot of trolls out in the cold. I also know that social media are can of worms when it comes to politics and other sensitive arguments. Let’s face it, we simply can’t agree with everybody else. We also can’t be always polite or respectful. But if we choose to listen only like-minded people, are we really interacting in a useful way?

The aforementioned opportunity given by the use of social media is getting the choice to approach different people, new ideas, to challenge our well-built beliefs. It’s a way to stay open-minded, to find something that we always need: food for thought. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see any good in an echo chamber.

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