A little white dot

There’s a probe, far away from this little planet. Named Cassini, kicked in the deep space by our fabulous friends at NASA. Its work is almost done, soon it will take its last dive into the Saturn’s atmosphere, sending data until it will be crushed.

But this is not about Cassini. No, this isn’t about NASA or the joys of deep space exploration. Maybe another time. It’s about that little white dot. For those who haven’t understood it yet, it’s the Earth. Yeah, our glorious home world, the goddamn cradle that could turn in a mass grave sooner or later.

Ever heard about the “pale blue dot”? No? Go get it, read something about Carl Sagan. Then come back here, try to explain the reasons why we got so many people all around who deny science and plot for a Middle Age comeback. Flat Earthers, anti-vaxxers, religious fanatics… name your favorite, we get it is spades and much more.

You see, I don’t understand. I’m not able to get any reason why a sane man or woman could in his/her right mind choose to stand against science. They’re poppin’ around everywhere, like in some B-movie done under influence of a batch of heavy drugs. A pity that I’m allowed to put’em down for good.

So please, come here and explain. Use very simple words, be patient with an old guy.


2 thoughts on “A little white dot

  1. These naysayers fall under the category of either, “I don’t want to give up my luxuries or share them with anyone, so Global Warming isn’t real!” or “It’s way too scary to contemplate, so I’m going to bank on the Rapture saving me. Until then, Global Warming isn’t real!”

    • It looks like that reality is too much for so many people. I don’t know if it’s about knowledge or it’s about some peculiar way to perceive reality, but this kind of people scares me big time.

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