My candidate is better than yours (and you don’t know sh*t!)

The title of this post is the synthesis of much of the political-oriented messages I get from the social media; it is also a demonstration of the end of any choice to establish some form of discussion in this field. It’s not a surprise, a decade of political communication based on hate and “alternative truth” left its mark in our collective subconscious, not to mention the deep state of distress of the mainstream media.

Better people than me named this sort of attitude “polarization”, meaning that the audience is guided to divide between two possible choices, with the main part of the attention directed to the candidates instead towards the political proposals. In such a situation Politics become a kind of product to sell, with testimonials and brands, until the basics of the different ideologies fade to black in the background.

The bottom part of this polarization is the reduction of the public debate. The personal habits, history, and attitude of the candidate X versus the same data of the candidate Y. Talking heads on the screen, photos and memes in the social media arena, everything reduced to white noise and gut feelings. The public answers to this logic polarizing themselves, replaying what they get from the media at home.

This is happening worldwide. Blame the spin doctors, blame the mainstream media, blame the social media if you like to. When you’re done with the blaming, then sit for a moment.  Ask yourself a couple of questions. Who lets this kind of communication fall thru your feed? Who chooses to repeat that kind of arguments in and out the social media? Finally, can you tell the reasons because you will vote that candidate and not another?

Democracy is not free. Democracy is not granted. We must remember those two little things.


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