Gender equality is still far away

Today is about women, of course. Aside from celebrations and cultural events, the focus of this post will be about a simple concept – equal pay for women.

The year 2018 will be remembered for many different things, most still in the future of course, but one is absolutely pertinent for women. From the first day of this year in Iceland, a new law came into effect that will force firms with 25 or more workers to pay equal amounts of money to men and women. This law requires complying before the end of 2018 (link HERE).

No other country in the world got itself a similar law in effect. Let this fact sink in for a moment.

It stands to reason that the income factor is the primary source for many other considerations about gender equality.  I would like to recommend a useful report, compiled every year by World Economic Forum, about the gender gap. 361 pages in latest edition available, for a better comprehension of one of the biggest problem of our world. (link HERE).

Let me be hopeful for a change. It will be great to see all the energy shown for the #metoo movement fire up a new wave of social awareness. It will be so important to think big again, to envision a near future with the same spirit shown by our Icelandic friends.

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