Italy and the Corruption Perception Index

You know, here in Italy we got a long and established relationship with the concept of corruption.

We could say that we set the whole stuff into a more organized machine back in the times of the Roman Empire and then carrying on such a damned tradition thru the Dark Ages and then to the modern world. I’m not exactly happy about that, let’s say that I’m trying to contain my rage in a box made of cynicism.

A few days ago, Mr. Raffaele Cantone (a former top-level judge) said that corruption in Italy is slowing down, referring to the CPI made by Transparency International. He was happy about it; I can understand it because he’s the top gun of one of our national organisms with the specific task to combat such a crime.

The Corruption Perception Index (or CPI) has been created in 1995. Here are the results of my country so far.

1995 33rd place score 2.99
1996 34th place score 3.42
1997 30th place score 5.03
1998 39th place score 4.60
1999 38th place score 4.70
2000 39th place score 4.60
2001 29th place score 5.50
2002 31st place score 5.20
2003 35th place score 5.30
2004 42nd place score 4.80
2005 50th place score 5.00
2006 45th place score 4.90
2007 41st place score 5.20
2008 55th place score 4.80
2009 63rd place score 4.30
2010 67th place score 3.90
2011 69th place score 3.90
2012 72nd place score 42
2013 69th place score 43
2014 69th place score 43
2015 61st place score 44
2016 60th place score 47
2017 54th place score 50

In the last few years, starting from 2013, we performed better. As you may see, we reached a staggering 54th place last year. Wow. I’m thrilled now.  I mean, we’re the 8th economy of the whole world, one of the top countries when it comes to talent and we’re still there.

Mr. Cantone, we still have many miles to go.

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