Forever and never – words unfit for Humans?

Let’s be honest for a while, some words are unfit for a rational human being. I mean, telling somebody that you will never do that is basically a lie and the same happens when you say someone that you will love him or her forever.

This is not about morals or ethics, we will save this kind of discussion for some other day, this is about the true meaning of this two little words and the perceived signification of the same terms in the everyday use. We would really like to love someone forever, and we would really want to be unwavering in our defiance to the things we don’t like. But we are humans, aren’t we?

We are inconstant, frivolous, moody, immature and much more. We can be influenced by too many sources (or from too many people), or we can shift our opinions in the light of new discoveries (or studying more). From the cradle to the grave, we change. We adapt, and we improve, sometimes for the worst. The mere concept of a lifelong coherence could be difficult to grasp for many of us.

Forever and never are the alpha and the omega of a state of mind, an ideal of granitic continuity that surpasses the up-and-downs of ordinary life. But there’s a trick under this shiny ideal, a drip of venom hidden a step behind this façade. If you don’t change, you don’t evolve. It’s a fact encoded in our DNA, the primary reason for our current status of dominant species on this planet.

I have to confess that I feel uneasy with people that often use these two words. There are times when I detect in them something worse than the usual day-to-day hypocrisy, a glint of fanaticism in their eyes. It’s the same creepy feeling I get from political zealots, or from the few that took a step further in the direction of mental insanity.

Take a look at the statuses you write in the social media or to your blog posts. Do you often use this two words?

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