Dear Left-wing Leaders, we need to talk

Dear Leaders,

We really need to talk for a moment. You see, I’m just a common man but it looks like that I’m more in contact with reality than any of you. I’m also willing to confess that I do not support any of your kind, that after many years of voting and a few stints as a local representative.

Maybe I’m wrong, or naive, or both. I remember that left-wing parties were used to work for the better of our nation, that their leaders were ready and willing to discuss their strategies and accept some input from the lower ranks. I also remember that the voices of dissent were tolerated and often respected. Being in a left-wing party was something that makes you feel like you were apart of something bigger, a positive force in the society.

When the ideologies of the ‘900 finally ended, it was the right time to think about the future, to envision something for the times to come, to try to be something more than the usual. But you failed. And keep failing again and again. You choose business over rights, markets over people, finance over industry. At the same time, every leader personalized their parties as much as they can in order to grasp every bit of power available.

Finally common people like me understood and left the house, hoping that the progressive disaggregation of the parties will lead to something better in the years to come. It never happened. We get an increasing number of micro-parties, each more lightweight and more stupid than its predecessors. We get old farts that do not understand that 2018 is different from 1988. We also get young vultures, always looking for a cam, that are ready and willing to do anything for greed. No surprise that the left-wing parties are becoming a memory of the past.

The problem is that we need something better. It’s not about a new logo or some fresh faces. We need workable ideas, realistic proposals for today and the next ten years. In short, we need somebody with a functioning brain and a passing ability to stay in check with reality. Is there still life on planet Left?

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