12 Years To Change Everything


This is for all the fuss about climate change. It will not be pretty, but the situation is dire enough to authorize a bit of extra effort.

First, I don’t care at all about all the yes-or-nay debate. We’re living in the antrophocene, and the sum of what we’re doing to our planet is in plain view. Even if there was no relation at all between climate change and human activities, we still have to do our best to survive.

Second, there are no B-plans available. Even if we get to discover a first-class Earth-like planet today, we do not have a way to reach it, not to mention to move there enough people. We still are in the early stages of space colonization, and it’s unrealistic to suppose that we will achieve significant progress in the next twenty years.

Third, no one is safe. Sooner or later, all the planet will be involved in the worst climate change effects. You can stack as many materials and food as you can get, but you can’t find a safe spot that will last more than a century. Money or other commodities can’t buy something that is not available at all.

Fourth, the proposed twelve-years window for a decisive change is a very short amount of time. To tell the truth and shame the devil, it’s unlikely that we can make it.

The challenges we have to face are nothing short of epic. We have to stop the demographic rise, to shift from the carbon-and-oil energy model to a fully renewable energy model, to bootstrap a new kind of economic paradigm to substitute the finance-oriented market that ruined the world.

In short terms, we have to rethink everything from scratch and find a way to gain the support of billions to make it work. This will be the mother and the father of every revolution in history and then some.

This is not about politics. This is not about some leadership issue or about what religion is better or about our cultural view of the world. It’s about having a future as an intelligent species.  The alternative is to wait for a few million years and see how the cockroaches will play their opportunity.

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