The New Silk Road

There are projects, big projects, and empire-level projects. We have a global empire in the making, and this is one of most significant warning signs ever in human history. Ever heard of the Silk Road? Well, the remake will eclipse the original version this time.

We’re in the first century of the New Chinese Empire, quite probably the first of many. Mind you, I have nothing against China. Building an empire always had a lot to do with infrastructures and this project is the biggest effort since the opening of the Panama Channel. The estimated cost is over four trillion USD. Reread it, try to write it down. Four trillion. 4,000,000,000,000 if you can believe it.

The financial side is a wonder of its own. The Chinese government will put out a lot of money, of course. But they will lend billions to some of the countries touched by the New Silk Road, a terrible way to exploit their difficulties to gain massive leverage for decades to come. Take a look at Pakistan, it will set a good example (by the way, Pakistan is a nuclear power and the ideal pawn for a proxy war against India).

We will see the rise of new cities like Yiwu, Anaklia, and Alat. We will discover new seaports, new highways, new railways and a whole new industry devoted to maintaining all those infrastructures. See for yourselves here, LINK, and get a grasp of this project.

By the way, this could be a good time to start learning Chinese. You know, just in case. Try HERE to get some directions.

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