Farewell to 2018

When flown without tethers, the Avrocar was unstable and could reach top speed of only 35 mph. (U.S. Air Force photo)

You know, it’s “that” time of the year. Yep. The last day, time for check and balances and all that. A time to think about all the excellent stuff we planned and to realize what happened when reality took its toll from it. To tell the truth, it’s also one of the peak dates for suicides.

While I’m waiting for some cheap Chinese magic (i.e., fireworks) and vaguely listening to the mainstream media, I can use some spare time to think about this year. I have a lot to be thankful, so to speak. Aside from being still alive (it’s always a surprise, isn’t it?) and more-or-less efficient, in my little speck of the universe, there is a lot of light.

My wife and our son are two excellent sources of love and surprises, not to mention a billion ways they got to leave me astonished with their talents. With them at my side, the word “future” is something promising, no matter what. Maybe 2019 will see our return to Scotland, it will be a kind of full circle for us.

There will be a lot to do next year, with a whole lot of changes underway and some new project incoming. Maybe I will finally get to realize a couple of long-term ideas that are in the making since last year, that kind of stuff that bounces in your head until you have to do something or go nuts.

In 2018 I’ve seen a lot of good stuff fold and many other projects going SNAFU for ridiculous reasons. That will be a sort of advice for 2019, I guess. In 2018, some people finally showed their true colors for better or worse, another lesson for the times to come (my jaw dropped so many times that it changed its form if you can believe it).

It looks like the overall situation of the world is getting faster in its development, it’s becoming frenetic with all sorts of challenges. “Adapt, improve, overcome” will be key to get the best from the new situations. A tip for tomorrow? Learn Mandarin. Another tip? Learn a new trade. The image at the top is from an old project, the Avrocar, something that folded for the lack of a technology that wasn’t available at the time. It’s a message for you, and for me about reconsidering what failed this year and what could be realized in the next. Maybe this time that thing will fly.


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