How to easy set up quotations


Thanks to a friend of mine (hello Massimo!)  I’ve stumbled upon a free web service, a site named; what can you with them?

Easy, you can create in a few seconds quotations – from every text source you like to use – and have it on the Internet with a couple of mouse clicks. Not bad, isn’t it? I know, this will not change your life, nor it will give instant money but it may help to add some spice to your web profiles.

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Finding an OST – Ghosts Of War


When I write I just need to have some music playing and I like to think about my projects like movies, each one with its distinctive soundtrack. A pity I ain’t a musician, so I’m not in the right condition to create an OST from scratch. Thanks to two good friends of mine, Davide Mana and Lucia Patrizi, I’ve found a very useful service – totally free of charge – to create the right musical companion of my series.

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2MMN – the making of the final chapter

This week ends one of the most interesting project of collective writing in the italian section of the blogosphere; yes, the second season of 2MM is over and it was up to me to write the final chapter.

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