Disclaimers and Warnings

killer sheep

This blog is not an expression of any political party nor of any religious movement/confession. Whatever you may read here, if not otherwise stated, represents my opinions and/or my thoughts about the arguments explicit in each post.

In this blog, I offer respect and ask for the same. Whoever chooses to be arrogant and/or ignorant and/or ill-mannered will be banned without any kind of warning.

The textual parts of the posts you may read here,  if not otherwise stated, are under copyright. Any unauthorized use of any text and/or any part of those texts will be prosecuted.

For any information and/or any other issue please contact me:



Italian cookie law – effective from June, 2nd 2015

I’m an Italian citizen and therefore I’m obliged to inform you that a new discipline about the use of cookies on the internet is effective from June, 2nd 2015.

Such discipline is explained here (Italian text only) and its enforcement is explained here (also Italian text only). For non-Italian citizens, there’s no problem at all.

This blog is hosted by Automattic, whose rules about privacy may be found here.

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