Ghosts Of War – the series

This page is intended as a collective bookmark for my ongoing science fiction series – “Ghosts Of War” – that will be published all along this year.

For more about the series and any other information, stay tuned!

Ghosts Of War - Rest In Peace - issue #1

Ghosts Of War – Rest In Peace – issue #1

“Rest In Peace” – available HERE

Humankind finally expanded in our solar system and it’s still recovering from an all-out war against a powerful enemy, the Collective, that was very close to wipe out our civilization. After the horrors of the war, many survivors are still trying to find a way to adapt to a new situation. There are other things, here and there, that are waiting for a choice to find a way to settle old debts or to find a way to feel the warmth of human flesh once again.
Around Titan orbits the Akogare Station, held by a private owned company to control the mining operations of the surface. On the largest moon of Saturn, right under the surface of a sea of liquid methane, there’s something ready to strike…
For Ichiro, monk and agronome aboard the Akogare Station, it will be a very difficult day at the job with the fate of many in his hands.

Note: this is the first issue of a four-part series.



“Lost Heroes” – available HERE

The crew of the Indian spaceship “Ganges” just got lucky, finding a war-time wreck near the Mercury’s orbit plane. Hidden from them, two more spaceships are coming up. Because there are secrets that cannot be revealed, no matter how many years passed since the end of the last war. Nine ghosts are waiting inside that doomed ship, ready to fight again to conquer existence in warm flesh.
For the crew of “Ganges” this will be the hardest day of their lives, caught between the menace of a nuclear blast and the spine-chilling powers of the undead.

Note: this is the second issue of a four-part series.


Ghosts of War_cover 03

Dark Legacy”  – available HERE

Being at work for months on a asteroid, with twenty robonauts and a frivolous computer as company, is a boring task for a young spaceman like Khaled. He was expecting something more from his first solo mission in deep space. But Khaled is up for far more than bringing home a load of rocks, the dark legacy of a war ended before his birth is just a step away…

Note: this is the third issue of a four-part series.


Ghosts of War_cover 04

“Left Behind” – available HERE

Near Pluto, a scientific expedition will discover what’s left of the horrors of the last war. A bitter conflict and memories that cannot be stopped by death itself. Pluto and Charon were the roman god of the underworld and the ferryman to Hell, now they are the silent witness of the last battle between the Chinese Collective and the most powerful warship ever built by the European Community.

Note: this is the fourth issue of a four-part series.


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