All right, you know I’m a writer. Now you know that I publish thru Amazon, that’s the gig for the following titles.

I’m not against publishing houses, there are a lot of good ones out there. I’m having fun with being free, time will tell.

I’ve to say I’m a part of a bunch of very talented individuals, we call this experiment a Factory. This is our flag.

Factory Patch

Italian Language.

back from the grave cover -450-680

Back From The Grave” – click here.

It’s a story about a former DIA operator, Patrick Henry Maddox, who got in his last day on the field the task to handle a superhuman.

A superhuman back from the dead, one of the darkest pages of the history of American secret services. He was his controller, right back in 1983.

It’s time to put an end to the unfinished business.

The first tale of a brand new serial, all about Mr. Maddox.

Because when you need somebody to stop a superhuman dead on his track, you will need him.

Note: this story is part of a shared universe named “Due Minuti a Mezzanotte”, created by Alessandro Girola.


compagno templare cover 450 680

Compagno Templare” – click here.

It’s 1964, Grigor just made it to his 21st birthday and he’s celebrating all night long with his woman.

But this is a night of wonders, of sheer terror and inexplicable surprises.

It could his last night or the first of a brand new life.

The never ending mystery of the Templar Knights, visitors from Heaven and Hell and a creature from the Russian folklore.

What a night!




affari di famiglia cover 450 680

“Affari di famiglia” – click here

Patrick Maddox returns with a new task, a new agency and another chapter in his life of violence.

This time he will face organized crime, drug lords, bad memories from the Panama invasion of 1989, a number of superhumans completely out of control.

When everything seems to fall apart, you have only an option: call Maddox.

Note: this story is part of a shared universe named “Due Minuti a Mezzanotte”, created by Alessandro Girola.


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