Being in or being out a political party


After the demise of the ideologies, all that’s left in modern day politics is about slightly different takes on all the biggest troubles. A number of current political parties were born after the end of the said ideologies, often as heirs of a lost tradition used as a connection for the eldest part of the electoral body. Usually, these parties are ruled by a bunch of fat cats, people that were in politics since the dinosaur era, and pushing such an organization toward modernization is nothing less than a desperate task.

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Europe, it’s now or never


One of the most important consequences of the beginning of the Trump presidency is that the last pillar of the old European diplomacy is gone. The new POTUS openly dislikes NATO, will support a new age of economic protectionism (Buy American! Anybody out there remembers this catch phrase?) and is ready to redesign the US foreign policy.

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2016 – Running high and low


All right, here we go again. It looks like that every blogger in the world should perform his/hers year summary to be compliant with some mysterious directive (the secret blogger code?).

What about 2016? I’ve set up no task for myself this time. 2015 was a heavy year in many (too many!) fronts and the basic idea was to let things happen for a while. Did it work? Nope. Reality usually doesn’t cope with this kind of attitude.

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Three little probes and the writing universe


No, it’s not a fairy tale. What? No, it’s not about some weird experiment in fringe science. It’s a summary of my first serious try to enter in the English-speaking fiction market, with a few things that I’ve learned in the process.

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Cyber security, once again!

Title screen for the Betty Boop cartoon series.

Title screen for the Betty Boop cartoon series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All right, I’m a control freak when it comes to cyber security. I know it, you know it too. It’s no big surprise that I’ve just ended my last MOOC for this year and it’s related to this matter.

Once again I’ve used the FutureLearn platform, one of the best places to find free courses, to pick up a two-week course about the basics of cyber security for Small and Medium Enterprises. Yes, it’s about how to raise the awareness and about the understanding of this kind of risks. In the Trump-era the bar for the security has to be raised higher, no need to explain the reasons why.

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Gun control?


A word of warning for my American readers: outside the boundaries of your country there a lot of different legislations about guns, gun uses and licensing. To my knowledge, no nation have reached perfection in this matter. For what I know, the biggest problem is about ignorance.

I was a gun owner. I will be a gun owner again in the next few months. The category “gun nut” is a bit undue in my regard, but for sure I consider myself an amateur hoplologist. In my country, Italy, we have to get a license to purchase a gun, with severe limitations for the number of guns owned and for the ammo you may buy. There are other strictly observed limits on the kind of guns available on the legal market (same for the ammo, of course).

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