Six years after

WordPress just reminded me that today this blog gets its anniversary. I came aboard six years ago, after other experiences on LiveJournal and on Virgilio (an Italian blog platform), looking for a better service and a way to go on with blogging. Well, this happened. WordPress is still going strong and even a small-time blog like mine is working like a charm, without any problem at all.

It’s a good time to say a loud “thank you!” to my followers, to the fellows who commented here and to all the people who shared my post in the social media, not to mention those who shared my stuff on their blogs. People, you rock!

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Happy birthday HPL!

Today is the birthday of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, one of most important writers of all times when it comes to horror and weird. Many thanks to Kobayashi Maru who reminded me this anniversay and, of course, many thanks to HPL for all the suggestions in his works.