Top 5 – songs from 1968

Here I am, back on track with the Sunday post. If you remember, due to the rules of this house, Sunday is for fun. To me music is always present and today I want to remember five great songs from my birthyear, 1968. So, this is a top 5 but there’s no order of merit, I simply love this five songs. Here we go!

#5 The Doors


Hello, I love You” from the LP “Waiting for the Sun“; this is not the first song that cames to mind when it’s about The Doors but it got a good place in my heart.

#4 Canned Heat

Boogie with Canned Heat

On the road again” from the LP “Boogie with Canned Heat“; An unique mix of blues, folk, melancholy and a cool sound.

#3 Steppenwolf


Born to be Wild” from the LP “Steppenwolf“. If I have to explain this song, then you’re on the wrong blog.

#2 Deep Purple

Shades of Deep Purple

Mandrake Root” from the LP “Shades of Deep Purple“; this is as much close they got in the direction of funk music, with all the energy of a brand new band.

#1 Pink Floyd

A Saucerful of Secrets

Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun” from the LP “A Saucerful of Secrets“. This is an obscure gem, it could be a good experience to recover this song, even for the fan of this band.