A day for trivial posting


March, 13th is the “trivial post day” (see image above), a time devoted to write and post about something trivial (of course!). This is a way to stigmatize how boring blogs could be and to raise an issue about the need for a more quality-oriented blogging.

Today is a rainy day here. It’s pretty boring and we’re approaching 85% of humidity. A week like that and I will mutate, developing gills. Rain all over again, for days to come if you listen to weather forecast programs on TV. They do not have a clue, of course. Tv people are nothing but nuts. I’m sure that will rain for my headache, I always have headaches when it’s raining.

It’s so dull when it rains like that. No thunders, no bolts, only water everywhere. Croak, croak! I swear I can see frogs across the street. My umbrella plainly refuses to dry, it’s too much damp around here. I have to check my own hands from time to time, looking for the first membranes to develop between fingers. In days like these, reverting to an amphibious form looks possible. There will be rain until Saturday. A toad told me that, they know this kind of things.