What to do with Foreign Fighters?


One of the worst security issues for Western countries today is about the presence of a number of “foreign fighters” on their own soil. But what is a foreign fighter?

By definition, they are people from another country who gets involved in an armed conflict without the authorization of their own nation. They are not to be confused with contractors because their basic motivation will be about something different from money.

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Do we still need symbols?

conchita wurst
A week ago or so an European music contest gave its first prize to an Austrian drag queen. It’s a very simple thing, no reason at all for any kind  of unrest – let alone public protests and diplomatic notes, isn’t it?
Well, it looks like this is enough. Austria was criticized for its decision to select such a candidate for the contest, a massive number of negative considerations / comments flew thru the social media and, after the drag queen’s victory of the final round of the contest, an official note from Russia’s foreign minister was sent to the media – expressing deep concern for such a frivolous matter.

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