Matthew Lynn – Ice Force

Matthew Lynn

Ice Force (2012)


pp. 464

ISBN 978-0-7553-7174-7

UK £ 6.99

Quarta di copertina.

A plane carrying a Russian oil billinaire has crashed in the Artic. Nobody knows why, nor can they locate the aircraft’s black box. With only days left before the signal switches itself off, the men from Death Force are hired by a rival billionaire to make one last desperate bid to find it.

But when they finally locate the plane, they also undercover a deadly secret. This was no ordinary crash…

And soon the Special Forces heroes are on the run, battling an unseen enemy, across the world’s most terryfing landscape. Caught up in a vast conspiracy to control the world’s last great reserves of oil, Death Force’s elite fighting men must surmount the most overwhelming odds they have ever faced just to stay alive…

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