The Syrian Deadlock


Words are important, so choosing the right word for the current situation in Syria is a way to anticipate my position. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a simple definition of deadlock is:
a situation in which an agreement cannot be made : a situation in which ending a disagreement is impossible because neither side will give up something that it wants.

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A lone man in Rome – understanding the italian crisis

34 days after italian general elections we’re still without a new national government, exposed on the international financial markets in a weak position, punished by a downgrade on our national debt by the three major rating agencies. Two months from now we will have new problems to face like a programmed raise of our VAT level (from 21% to 22%), a change in the composition of a number of taxes (will add more pressure to a very high level) and a number of little and big challenges to stand as a country in order to stabilize our economy.

In a few words, we need a national government. A strong one to be sure.

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