Top 5: Sunday dont’s

Here we are, back on track with a Sunday-related top 5. The last day of the week could be boring sometimes but it’s still an off-work day (well, most of the times!) and that means free, precious, time.



Do not think about Monday. Tomorrow will come, no doubt. Just live for the present.


Do not work at home. You’re already busy with that from Monday to Friday, right? If you don’t get paid for sunday-time simply don’t do it.


Avoid politic issues. Even if you’re a politician today you’re at home. Do not trouble yourself with this kind of crap.


Avoid booze. The right time to drink a lot it’s Friday night. Sunday is for family and/or to rest a bit.


Don’t be in a hurry. Play with your kids, plan your future with your partner, enjoy slower rhythms for a while.