My 3X3 Workout Routine

I’m struggling to find a way to conciliate my need for a homemade work-out routine and all the other family-related activities; I’m a regular commuter, so the timeframe for my training is after 8 PM when I finally get back home. Setting up a regular activity is also a must, so I’ve found a compromise between all these factors. As they say, it’s not perfect but it works.

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What I learned in a full year of fitness at home

I’m not a coach, nor I’m a certified fitness expert. Bear this in mind before reading what’s next. These are a handful of thoughts about my personal experience in 2019, no more and no less. The perspective is from a 51-year-old man with more than a scare on my body.

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One year challenge – 2019

11 Feb 1938, Haringay, Outer London, London, England, UK — A scene of a television production of, or Rossum’s Universal Robots, by Czech playwright Karel Capek, which introduced the term “Robot” into many of the world’s languages. (l to r) Connaught Stanleigh, Derek Bond, Larry Silverstone and front, Evan John — Image by © BBC/Corbis

This is a different post, scheduled to go live on December 31th, 2019. It’s different because it has been written thru a whole year, starting December 30th, 2018.

The basic idea is to keep track of my physical workout, to understand better what happened, and to help me to stay focused. I will turn 52 next February, so it’s time to build better foundations for my old age.

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