Praise for a fallen hero – Arnaud Beltrame

A picture taken in 2013 in Avranches and obtained from La Gazette de la Manche local newspaper on March 24, 2018 shows French Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame who was killed after swapping himself for a hostage in a rampage and siege in the town of Trebes, southwestern France, on March 23.
Beltrame, 45, was among a group of officers who rushed to the scene in Trebes, near Carcassone, on March 23 after a gunman who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group, stormed a supermarket and fired at shoppers. Beltrame offered to take the place of a woman the gunman had taken hostage and was shot. He died on March 24 of his wounds, becoming the gunman’s fourth victim. / AFP PHOTO / LA GAZETTE DE LA MANCHE / –

Sometimes, we have to stop for a moment and pay the proper respect for a good man.  From the title of this post, you already know the name of such a man. Better, you already know that we’re talking about a hero.

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Planetary romance – the Hero and the new world technology


In the previous post (here) I’ve dedicated some thought about a few possible choices for our imaginary hero against the local civilization; in the first post for this series (here), the focus was about the local environment. This post is about the use of the exotic technologies and how our bold character could survive using it.

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Planetary romance – the Hero and the local civilization


In the previous post (here) I’ve promised to write about the possible results of the arrival of our imaginary hero on the new planet. This is about the basic tropes of this sub-genre and the choice to turn up the dial, in order to get some more from this kind of narrative.

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