A taste of IoT – Internet of Things

Data cloud graph showing the closing percentag...

Data cloud graph showing the closing percentage increase or decrease of the New York Stock Exchange. Only the top 500 stocks by volume traded are displayed. Data is from Oct 2001, source: NYSE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine tomorrow. In the morning, you go out from your flat. The smart door senses your exit, check out if anybody else is in the house, then lock itself sending data both to your smartphone and to the company that ensure safety in the building. You reach your smart car, that unlock itself when you’re in the two yards distance from the door.

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No bank is safe, just remember it

English: A speech in The New York Times newsro...

English: A speech in The New York Times newsroom after the announcement of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reading a cool article from NYT (here) about possible links between hacking operations and heist made thru international networks. I was also wondering about the perception of bank’s security today, as seen from the everyday client.

You see, I work in the IT and I know for sure how much money has been invested in the last three decades to have the best security level possible, not to mention all the national and international laws made to protect sensible data at any level.

Truth is, no open system is 100% safe. No matter how good are the security standards, how much money and efforts have been set up and what else incredible instrument you could imagine. At the very core of any system, there will be human operators. They are the weak spot.

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