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Ghosts Of War - Rest In Peace - issue 1

Ghosts Of War – Rest In Peace – issue 1

Today is finally the day, the first issue is officially out for sale on Amazon. It’s like a giant machine set in motion, gaining inertia second after second. Maybe I’m a little over the lines with that, but this story means a lot to me and I’m happy to unleash it on the market. I know for sure that it will not be a best seller or the best story you will read this year but I’m proud, proud of my work and for what it will come in this year.

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Rest In Peace – Ghosts Of War


This is another sneak peek about my upcoming series “Ghosts Of War“, the first about one of the tales that I’m writing for this purpose. As you already know “Rest In peace” is the title of the first issue, that will be out on the market next month.

What are the roots of this story? Where do I get the inspiration and what are the main elements of science fiction here?

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