The Memory of this Day – April, 25th 2018

This will not be an easy post. It will also not be a fancy reading for those who aren’t unfamiliar with the recent Italian history, or for those who like to practice a “creative” approach to it. You see, this is Liberation Day in my country. The end of the Nazi occupation, the end of the fascist rule and the dawn of a new nation, ready to arise from the ashes of the WWII.

For those who will get a brief about this day, please check out Wikipedia (here). It’s a short piece, but you can use it as a start point following the links until you get a greater picture.

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Giulio Andreotti (1919-2013) – understanding italian rites

A little man dies today in Rome at 94. He was something more than a common politician, he was (and is) a key to understand the recent history of my country and more than a bit of what’s happened in Europe and in the Middle East in the ’60 and the ’70.

You may find a good summary of his public history here, but even a good article is not enough to understand the weight of Mr. Andreotti.  If you take a look at the italian pages of Facebook or if you read our newspapers you may feel a mix of emotions, something between relief and disbelief.

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