Lost Heroes – it’s finally out!


What day is today? It’s the right day to unleash a new story on the market, to show you the second issue of my ongoing “Ghosts Of War” series.

New issue and the same team. Elena Betti created another wonderful cover, Davide Mana provides insight and editing, it’s up to me to tell you another story.

This one is takes place in the space between Venus orbit plane and Mercury’s own. Here you will two young Indian spacemen, ready to get the choice of their lives while recovering a wartime wreck. But there’s more, of course. Two different warships, engaged in a cat-and-mouse chase. And…

We have ghosts, ready to do whatever it takes to get a grip on the living. And…

We have secrets. Of the worst kind. And…

We have war veterans. People who are not afraid to put everything at stake to accomplish their mission.

Well, it’s time to go shopping and here’s the LINK!

Lost Heroes and my workload


To put it blunt, this is for a partial apologize. The end of March is right around the corner and the next issue of my “Ghosts Of War” arc of stories is not ready. So, no pre-order will be available from April, 1st and the theorized stream of news and bits about this story will be postponed.

This does not mean that “Lost Heroes” will not show up on April, 15th as promised. I may be a 24/7 troublemaker but when I promise a deliver I will do it. The story is ready to go up anytime and kick ass, it’s the stuff that you don’t get to see as readers that’s not working properly.

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A deadline nearly missed and a first draft that lies waiting

screaming robot

No, this is not the title of a new novel, nor it’s from the top ten books at NYT. It’s just how things look like today, here at my place, when it comes to the “Ghosts Of War” project. What I got now it’s a 11,000 plus words story, titled “Lost Heroes”, that will be the second issue of my ongoing series this April.

It’s almost funny to look at it now, thinking about what that this tale should be if things run smoothly in the last two months. As a matter of fact, January and February were quit heavy on the professional side (and no, I won’t think about March now, this month will be a 31-days nightmare) and other things showed up with fangs and sharp teeth, slashing thru my schedule and pushing hours well after midnight.

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