Living in a simulated reality – Why bother?


There’s a recurrent theory in the mainstream, a bold speculation fueled by decades of science fiction tropes and not-so-good movies: what if we are living inside a simulated reality? Big names like Elon Musk promised to finance research on this subject, the media published a lot about it. It’s like a soap bubble that, every now and then, pops up and shine for a while.

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Elon Musk and the myth of the Matrix

Elon Musk Original caption: Elon, a co-founder...

Elon Musk Original caption: Elon, a co-founder of PayPal, and now a founder/Chairman of Tesla, enjoys showing off his new car (the first production model) to Jason Calacanis, founder/CEO of Mahalo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, Mr. Elon Musk shared the idea that we are all uploads in a virtual world. It’s not a new concept, of course. From the movie “Matrix” (1999) the idea has become part of a common understanding in the sci-fi panorama. The existence of a simulated reality, or a simulated existence, has been postulated by philosophers (i.e. Nick Bostrom) or futurists (e.g. Hans Moravec).

Musk is something different. His name is associated with bright ideas and successful business (Tesla electric cars, SpaceX program), he’s one of a kind – a modern version of Thomas Edison. In a world heavily influenced by the media, his statements are something to be considered.

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Gun Kata, when style is better than reality

I’m a sci-fi fan in the most hardcore way possible. From Z-movies to bad narrative, from illogical comics to ill-drawed art I’m on it, always looking for any gem I can find. With a bunch of friends I’m writing for a blogzine about the genre and I’ve written some crude story too. But today is Sunday, it’s time to have fun. So we have Gun Kata as the main course.

What the hell is it? You have, you really have, to recover an old movie named “Equilibrium”.  Just look at the video.

Gun Kata from Equilibrium

As you may see, it’s a matter fo choreography. A fine one. With a tenuous tie with reality. Whoever knows how it works when it came to shooting simply can’t stop laughing at it. How about the shells? All that hot metal bouncing everywhere here simply does not exists. How about recoil? Can you spot even a slight recoil movement here? And what about the noise? Even with a small-caliber pistol you simply cannot fire a shot near your own eardrums, not without going deaf for a while.

Another video, this time from “Matrix”. Check it out.

Gun Kata Matrix

More money here, more FX and more choreography. But it’s always Gun Kata to the core. By the way in my opinion Christian Bale is more viable for this kind of roles than Keanu Reeves. I do remember people being a lot impressed from this show, a lot of “aaah” and “oooh”. To me is simply ROTFL.

What is not so funny is the basics of Gun Kata. I mean, what about a real-life study about the most common directions of bullets in a close-quarter-combat situation? What about a way to train your soldiers in order to minimize risks and maximize results? FBI did such a study in the ’90s, Special Forces worldwide train endlessly with real ammo and a variety of scenarios in order to develop this kind of “battle instinct”. So, is it Gun Kata for real? Of course no. Until the next movie…