Ghost in the Shell, the return of cyberpunk


Back in the ’90s, the Cyberpunk genre was the place to be for sci-fi lovers like me. Every fan got his/her own favorites and there was a lot of debate about the works of writers like Bruce Gibson and Pat Cadigan (not to mention a thousand others!). Dystopia was the name of the game and some sort of post-apocalyptic world was accepted as the most likely perspective of our near future.

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Story of Your Life – Arrival

Illustration for "Story of your Life"...

Illustration for “Story of your Life”, by Hidenori Watanave for Hayakawa’s S-F Magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was back in 2010, maybe late October. I picked up a short story by Ted Chiang, “Story of Your Life“, one of the best I’ve read in my life. At the end, I was wondering about the choice to see a story like that in a movie. I do remember my words about that. “Nope”.

A few years ago, looking for movie trailers, I found the first trailer of “Arrival”. And my jaw dropped to the ground. Do they really do that?

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