Under a new sky – chapter 17

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.

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Chapter seventeen.

After a full hour of jumps Keller signaled me to stop. We were near a crossroad, there were four wagons at the ready, each one with two horses. Without a word he motioned me to one of those carriages and in matter of a minute all four started their travel, one in each direction. There was no one else all around, it was almost impossible to know what wagon we were in.

Inside that wagon there was Kellan too, I was more than happy and by the look she felt the same about me. That little moment of peace could not last for long, it was up to Keller to set everything in motion.

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