President’s own knights move – understanding italian politics

I have to say that italian President, Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, sometimes amazes me. When almost everybody could see no way out from the deadlocks of italian politics nowadays, that leading to his premature resignation and to a very hot situation in three months or so. I’ve undervalued Mr. Napolitano, that was a bad mistake. He’s a strategist, kind of chess player of the italian politics. And it was the right time for a knight’s move.

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A lone man in Rome – understanding the italian crisis

34 days after italian general elections we’re still without a new national government, exposed on the international financial markets in a weak position, punished by a downgrade on our national debt by the three major rating agencies. Two months from now we will have new problems to face like a programmed raise of our VAT level (from 21% to 22%), a change in the composition of a number of taxes (will add more pressure to a very high level) and a number of little and big challenges to stand as a country in order to stabilize our economy.

In a few words, we need a national government. A strong one to be sure.

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What we need and what we got

Italy is in the middle of a huge economic crisis, it’s on the top of a 200+ billion euro national debt, it’s at the very bottom of all international economic charts when it comes to growth. To be all clear, we’re facing a major disaster here. A disaster that will not be limited by our borders since we’re still a pillar in the European Union and a key country in the economic world scene. Got the first picture?

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What a noble man can’t do

Yesterday the italian minister for foreign affairs, Mr. Giuliomaria Terzi di Sant’Agata, resign his mandate in a public session of the Camera dei Deputati (it’s the House of Representatives). His speech was quite emotional, full of words like “dignity”, “honor” and “duty”. From a formal point of view, even a good speech.

The reasons to resign the mandate are related to the crisis between India and Italy, one of the worst diplomatic events in the history of our republic. Mr. Terzi di Sant’Agata was one of the main actors in this crisis, he got a pivotal role in the decision to keep two italian soldiers (Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone from Battailion San Marco) at home in spite of the previous agreement with the Indian central government.

giulio terzi

I’ve titled this post about ‘a noble man’.  Mr. Terzi di Sant’Agata indeed got all the trademarks of a noble. He’s a baron, a marquis, a count and a knight. I’m not joking, he’s the descendant of a noble family. A pity that Italy doesn’t recognize any of this titles. Ostensibly Mr. Terzi doesn’t remember his noble heritage as well. He forgot his long-term family tradition when it comes to act in order to guarantee the honor of our country, tha same applies for what happened yesterday.

You see, it’s all about politics these days. And personal interest as well. Mr. Terzi, shortly before his speech, assured the prime minister Mario Monti that he will not give up his mandate. The truth is that he already got a private agreement with the center-right party in order to get a safe seat in the next parliament. That was his price to deliver his resignation speech, another hard blow to the italian government.

Mr. Terzi got all the show for him yesterday. He walks away from his role, caring nothing about our country, our soldiers in India, about all the issues that are in the political agenda these days. What we got it’s another face in the gallery of the unworthy in the history of Italian Republic, another day of shame in front of our allies worldwide. A real nobleman indeed.

The tax war

Beneath the surface of all EU regulations, under the shadows of many thousands of different laws there’s a war, a stark conflict inside the borders of European Union. It’s an economic war, fought year after year in Bruxelles and in all the EU capitals, no matter what government is actually in power.

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Top 5 – songs from 1968

Here I am, back on track with the Sunday post. If you remember, due to the rules of this house, Sunday is for fun. To me music is always present and today I want to remember five great songs from my birthyear, 1968. So, this is a top 5 but there’s no order of merit, I simply love this five songs. Here we go!

#5 The Doors


Hello, I love You” from the LP “Waiting for the Sun“; this is not the first song that cames to mind when it’s about The Doors but it got a good place in my heart.

#4 Canned Heat

Boogie with Canned Heat

On the road again” from the LP “Boogie with Canned Heat“; An unique mix of blues, folk, melancholy and a cool sound.

#3 Steppenwolf


Born to be Wild” from the LP “Steppenwolf“. If I have to explain this song, then you’re on the wrong blog.

#2 Deep Purple

Shades of Deep Purple

Mandrake Root” from the LP “Shades of Deep Purple“; this is as much close they got in the direction of funk music, with all the energy of a brand new band.

#1 Pink Floyd

A Saucerful of Secrets

Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun” from the LP “A Saucerful of Secrets“. This is an obscure gem, it could be a good experience to recover this song, even for the fan of this band.

What about China? (part one)

The passage of power in China has been completed with all the usual ceremonies and stuff, a well-oiled transition after six months of subterranean war between all the faction of Politburo. For Mr. Li Keqiang, the new premier, and for Mr. Xi Jinping, the new president, it’s time to set the course for their country and to face all the major issues that clouds China’s horizon.

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Look what the cat dragged in!

The celebrations held in Roma for the new Pope usually drive a large number of VIPs in town, nothing unusual giving the political weight of the Holy See and its relative importance on the religious side (there are a bit more than one billion of christians worldwide). Nowadays for Pope Francis we got the same old show running around, with thousand of journalist everywhere and scores of incoming VIPs all around.

It’s one hell of a political photo opportunity, a way to be seen from billions. Useful for the likes of Joe Biden, the american VP who still hopes for a chance in 2016, for leaders in a desperate search for public approval like Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and many others. Now, look at his man. Do you who is?


No less than Robert Gabriel Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, who’s under a travel-ban in Europe with an exception for Un-related events (like the FAO meeting in Rome some years ago). Italy has been forced to admit Mugabe inside the country for the lack of a Holy See-operated airport. The Holy See in not in the EU and Italy got an allegation (named “concordato”) to operate as hub for the visitors in going or outgoing Vatican City.

Zimbabwe can be described as a catholic country, that’s for sure, but the opportunity of the presence of Mr. Mugabe raise a lot of question inside and outside the limits of Vatican City. For a Pope like Francis who’s setting up the milestones of his papacy could be quite embarrassing to face a first-class criminal like Mr. Mugabe. It will be also a problem for the diplomats of the Holy See to keep him away from the european and american dignitaries.