Genova, once again

I’ve been in Genova yesterday, after more than 15 years. There was a job opportunity, a very complicated turnaround of money and, yes, there was an interesting woman too. Everything changed in a single day and nothing happened. Sort of a “Sliding Door“, isn’t it?

Yesterday I was back there. With my wife, our son and a bunch of parents and childrens, all up for a guided visit to an exposition at the marvelous Palazzo Ducale. Life can be funny sometimes.


Genova got better. Streets are more clean, sightseeing always an experience. The stark contrast between very nice buildings from 19th and 18th century with the horrors created after the WWII is amazing,  all the up-and-downs give the feeling of a very complex city, where a small and dark alley could lead to wonders of the past. Worth the visit, I will always recommend such a place.